Marlon R. Nuñez
“I enrolled this course for a major reason, level up! Kris has a different approach towards portraits that makes his work outstanding and unique. The fact he shares all his knowledge and methodology without leaving anything behind is what makes this course so valuable. So as a student, I felt very motivated to try to approach and see things different (more artistically I would say), and is all this motivation that drives us to become better artist at the end, right?! Thanks Kris, you are a legend”.

Character Artist

Andrew Clement
“I had been impressed with Kris’ work for years and wished he would do a tutorial sometime. Well, I got one in abundance. Kris is completely open about his process, which is unusual in education by professionals, they usually leave one or two important things out on purpose. The amount of information you get is overwhelming in a good way. I cannot recommend this class enough."

Owner of

Scott Wells
“An amazing opportunity to spend time with an incredibly talented artist and see every step in his process.   

Ran Manolov
“I was lucky enough to take part of Kris Costa’s class. Learned so so much and still learning from it. The content was like no other and the way he teaches is amazing. The structure of the class is also very well made and helps your motivation grow and grow each day. I can not recommend this course more!

Traditional and Digital Artist  

Paloma Alperi
“It’s been a surprise in every single way. I am not only happy that I took the class, I am genuinely impressed. I find Kris to be a master of our days, but besides that he is able to explain his methods in a way that is fun and easy to grasp. Even if you’ve watched a thousand tutorials, even if you’ve been years in the industry, I think you will learn and get inspired. He found his own methodology to work on each process, and it feels refreshing and peculiar, there are so many lessons to be taken from this. But for me, on top of anything, I value his devotion. He shares not only what he sells in the course, he gives you heart and soul to help you improve and to be there. I’ve seen him pushing himself every single day to make the class and the content better, clearer, more fun and more complete. I couldn’t recommend it more but please push him to sleep a little better, we need to keep him alive and kicking!"

Digital sculptor/Character Artist 

Carlos Sastre
“This guy is like the Holy grail of the CG portraiture , he knows everything you need to know to make realistic soulfull portraits. And the most important thing, he shares everything , all the process, thats absolutely priceless. From likeness blocking to the lastest pore detail you will be watching the best 3D portrait artist worldwide share all his knowledge. Keep inspiring us you oldgrumpy master!"

Creative Director Illusorium Studios  

Fellipe Beckman
“Kris has a deep knowledge. You will hardly find something of this level in mentors currently available on the internet. The content of Kris’s classes goes straight to the point, worth every minute. 

Lead Environment Artist, MPC

Davide Sasselli
“Definitely “beyond” my expectation. Kris has proved to be a great professional and a great master, in transmitting his knowledge and passion in hyper realistic digital portraits. 
I found his class well structured, I was totally involved in it. This class was able to make me feel part of the group and consequently inspire me to do more and more in my personal work.
I recommend this class to those who want to learn about realism in digital portraiture."

3D Character Artist 

Ronald Kury
“Everything you learn in this class lingers in your mind for a long time, shaping the way you approach portraiture and enriching your every process. Kris’ attention to detail in addition with a sublime mastery of his craft makes this ‘Fly on the wall’ experience just that, as you can’t help but sit still and watch him create amazing work before your eyes. A generously insightful and experience packed course that, if you put on the time to learn from, i cannot recommend enough."

Senior Character / Creature Artist

M. Sinan Ayyorgun

“Kris’ unquestionable expertise is fully reflected through his online course. He teaches likeness creation with  crystal clear explanations about technical and artistic aspects of things. His easy-going attitude and jokes are definitely a plus. It is impossible to get bored in his class."

Concept artist

Raffael Frank
“The best online learning experience I ever had. As the class is live and always a couple days in a row for 4 weeks straight it is highly motivating to keep up with things. Kris doesn’t get boring to listen too and explains the content well. I really enjoyed that this class didn’t covered any introductions to software or to basic topics. I was able to learn a lot in every single session. Thanks Kris!"

Facial Modeler

  Leandro Nascimento
“Kris’ class is nothing short of amazing. Watching his process, while he explains what and why he is doing things in a certain way is invaluable. I’ve never seen a workshop or class intensive like this, - 4 days in a row - (plus the review sections). Oh! And the content!!! It is packed with it. Not only Kris show us his technique, built upon years of studying and observation, but he opened my eyes to things I’ve never even know existed. And despite the name of his class, you don’t feel just a fly on the wall. During the open mic part of the class, he goes out of his way, to do mini tutorials and answer questions. It is amazing that someone at his level is so humble and approachable."

Victor Hugo Sousa
“This was actually one of the best courses that I could have taken. It opened my mind and gave me a new approach to my projects! Watching Kris doing the amazing stuff he does can’t be missed if you have the opportunity!"

Digital Sculptor/Character Artist

Yinglei Yang
“I have long been admiring Kris’s portrait work and am super excited to jump onto this class to see how he does his magic. But oh boy his attention to detail just HUMBLING to watch and on the other hand, ENCOURAGING for any serious artist. Because by the end of the class you will realize “if I pay as much attention as Kris, I will get there”. This is not another class showing off flamboyant skills like “I am awesome and all of you suck”; instead it perfectly deliver a message that says “we are all suffering together but we are going to make it”. I could not thank Kris enough for his knowledge and generosity. The water is great, just jump right in!"

José Péricles
  “Awesome content, incredible assistance and dedication to showing all his progress and workflow in each and every step, by far one of the best classes that i took."

Modeler/Character Artist  

Omid Moradi
“All of us who have joined Kris’ class can talk about all the sweet aspects of our journey with him, but to make it short, I can simply say “Joining Kris’ class was the best decision that I’ve ever made during my professional career!”. Thanks to him!"

Ahmed Afazil
“This is a very unique class. Be prepared to challenge yourself and loose sleep if you have to. It’s all worth it. Kris goes through a lot of topics and does a great job of explaining them in a way that’s easy to understand and fun. If anyone wants to push their art further then learn from this man. Artistic portraiture at it’s best!"

Character/ Creature Artist 

Fabricio Rezende
“I loved every aspect of this course, I’m impressed as someone who works 8 hours during the day, comes home and teach 3 hours without stopping a min. This is definitely not human, but even then I was bold enough to try to fly also just because flies are people too. The technical and educational factors covered all the topics previously stipulated in the lesson plan and we also received many other tips and knowledge for which we did not pay for, but came as an excellent support material. I recommend this course because only one of the meetings would be worth the entire investment. Thank you, Kris, you are in the pinnacle of the pantheon of the of the CG’gods." 

Senior Modeler at DHX Media 


Anton Glukhovsky
“Kris is a master of his craft who teaches you the most important thing: how to observe reality and translate it into art. He opens up possibilities, teaches the value of work, and makes you much stronger and confident as an artist. If you are serious about digital art, don’t miss this unique opportunity." 

Jerome Lefranc
“I have been passionate about “CG” for years and especially organic modeling. The fact of having attended the class of Kris “Antropus” Costa has brought me a lot in my workflow. We understand better the importance of each step thanks to the explanations of a professional. The courses are precise, well built. There is a good atmosphere and you will come out better in your work. Do not hesitate :D :D :D"

Ivan Lopez
“Marvelous way of learning from professionals and among professionals. Kris started all of this as a “Fly on the wall” mood, but he’s been really active and he’s been teaching so many tricks and workflows that I can add and merge into my own. It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what’s next!  

Freelance Character Artist


Lorgas Liu
“Seeking to carry it out to its breadth and greatness, so as to omit none of the more exquisite and minute points which it embraces, and to raise it to its greatest height and brilliancy, so as to pursue the course of the Mean”. This is an old Chinese proverb, which suits Kris very well. I was very lucky to be his student. What he taught was a method of observation, not just a technique and I met a group of congenial friends. thank you Kris very much.   

Concept & Matte Painting Artist    

Rick Pimentel
“Kris’s class is an incredible experience. Lots of info, tricks and tips. I felt a lot of evolution in my work and especially energy to produce more. All this with the sympathy that is Kris’s trademark.

CG Artist

Emerson ëCello
““I just wanted to be a fly to see...” and Kris not only showed how but why. It was such a pleasure to be one of the flies!  

Alfonsus Marianus
“I am learning a lot through this class. Kris is one of inspirational artist for me, i’m glad that i can be part of his disciple in arts. You should consider joining his class, if you are really interested in Digital Portrait, I can tell you its all about Hard works and he shares it to you, that he also same like us, a human, but plus a lot years of experience, he also facing bugs like us, but he show us, that you have to overcome it to make something great. there is no shortcut, just tenacity and hard works. 

3D character Artist

Clint Burgin
“The “Fly on the wall” workshop, by Kris Costa, is one of  the most challenging courses I’ve ever been a part of.  As soon as I  heard he was doing this I couldn’t pass this opportunity up to learn  from the best. This guy is phenomenal and his work has always been top  notch. Thank you Kris, for offering this great mind-blowing experience!  

Owner of ClayBox Studio

Camilo Franco
“I’ve always been Kris’s big fan as most of the guys here. But see him in action and knowing him as person showed me another way to see things. I feel like I ended the course as better artist and realized that when you want to do a great job, the better way will be to take care of the details by your own hands with no short cuts and very carefully. Thanks for that Kris!

CG generalist / Lookdev Artist